Parish Library

We Have Books-Check ‘Em Out!

As I learn new things here at St. Thomas I am finding out that some things are news to folks who have been here awhile. To that end I am highlighting ministries and resources here at St. Thomas from time to time in these first seasons we have together.  
Firstly, just after our Ministry Fair, we highlighted the work of the Altar Guild and invited folks to check them out and perhaps join in this important ministry. 
This time around I am going to highlight our Parish Library. 
Rosemary Matthews has done a great job of creating a catalog for our resources in the library and I encourage you to put them to use in your spiritual life. There is a broad variety of books, reference materials and even puzzles that you can borrow from the library. 
Today I am going to highlight a terrific book I read in seminary and that I have used with other parishes in talking about prayer and the inner life.  Prayer and Temperament: Different Prayer Forms For Different Personality Types is pretty self explanatory. Using the Myers-Briggs personality typology, the authors examine the different personality types comprised of the dyads introvert/extravert, thinking/feeling, perceiving/judging and sensing/intuition and matches them up with traditional Christian prayer forms that tend to match those personality types. 
I encourage you to give it a look and perhaps learn of new ways to enrich your spiritual life and practice.